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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
neutral desktop
Summer is here and many of us are stuck in doors at times we don't want to. One of my favorite programs that I highly recommend to others is called Natural Desktop. Natural Desktop 2006 has been out for awhile now. It's not brand new. What it does is look at the current weather, the current time of day, your location, and then changes your wallpaper and provides a weather portal.
But that's not the part that I love the most these days. The killer aspect for me of Natural Desktop are the sounds. Forget the screenshots, you can minimize Natural Desktop so that there is no visual part. It's the audio of it. Natural Desktop plays nature sounds based on weather, time of day, etc. So during the course of the day, you'll hear morning doves or cicadas or frogs or whatever. And it's very subtle and nice.
The whole program is only $10 ($9 if you have Object Desktop). The sounds alone are worth that in my (admittedly biased) opinion. Just having all those natural sounds playing throughout the day while indoors is very nice to have.
It's website is