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Saturday, July 01, 2006
Xtreme Video

It was originally developed for skydivers after the inventor almost snapped his neck jumping from a plane with a two pound camera strapped to his helmet, but the SportsCam, a lightweight video recording device that is attached to a pair of googles or a helmet connector and works with Sony camcorders, has expanded to all sorts of first person footage: motorcycle and dirt bike riding, BASE jumping, skiing, boat racing…Let’s sat anything where seeing things from the eyes of the participant makes the experience that much more thrilling to watch. One police officer has even used the SportsCam to film training videos for new officers.
Running between $900 and $1100 (without including the cost of the camera), the device allows you to store your camera at belt level and operate it with a control wire running to the googles, which include signal lights that tell you whether or not the camera is recording.
The potentials of this gadget are immense, especially if you have the loot to spare for the high cost of the equipment: training videos for atheletes (can you imaging learning how to hit a fastball, for example, if you had someone showing you exactly what to look for as the ball went by?), tours of houses for prospective buyers, a great new twist on video blogs…the possibilities are endless.